Are RV Tire Covers Necessary?

Are RV Tire Covers Necessary?

Are RV Tire Covers Necessary?

Are RV Tire Covers Necessary? 



What are RV Tire Covers? 

RV Tire Covers are designed to protect and extend the life of your tires. Some of the most common materials utilized include canvas, polyester, or vinyl. They are often attached to stationary tires with an adjustable buckle strap or bungee cord that keeps them secure during windy days. 

Do RV Tire Covers Really Work? 

The short answer is yes. While you may think a tire cover is just another unnecessary accessory, consider how crucial tires are to your safety and your ability to travel to all of your favorite destinations with friends and family. Tire covers serve as a protective barrier against rain, snow, and sun that can eat away at your tires while they are stationary. Not to mention RV tires aren't cheap. With a small initial investment in protection now,  you can save you hundreds in the future. 

RV Tire Cover Benefits 

UV Protection 

Tires left uncovered will not only have a shorter life span than covered tires, but they can be dangerous. UV light from the sun can weaken your tire's structural integrity and cause dry rotting. This is especially prevalent in RVs in places with high sun and high temperatures.

Wheel Protection 

Your tires may not need protection from rain or snow, but your wheel hub and bearings will significantly benefit from reliable protection. Over time, the metal can begin to rust if left uncovered, especially if your RV is stored outside year-round.


If you've ever cleaned an RV, you know how dirty they can get and how much time and effort it takes to clean them. Once your rig is clean, a cover will keep your tires looking their best while you plan your next road trip.

How to Choose RV Tire Covers

Tire Size 

When you shop for tire covers, you will see that they come in all kinds of different sizes. This makes sense because RVs are not all the same size. They come in different sizes and the tires attached to them range in width and circumference. 

To find the proper size for your specific RV, you will need to measure your tire before you purchase tire covers but don’t worry, it’s very simple to do. 

You’ll only need a tape measure or some kind of measuring tool. You have to measure the diameter of the tire in the center of the tire and its widest point in most cases.
The cover should be as close to the actual size of your tire without being too small. Any exposed rubber due to a small fitting cover will be affected by the UV light that constantly shines on it.


RV Tire Covers come in various materials, and it may seem overwhelming when reviewing all of the options. Due to its durable and lightweight construction, the most popular choice is a weather-resistant polyester. A polyester cover is an excellent option for rain, snow, and UV protection, keeping your tires protected no matter where you travel.

Vinyl is another popular option, offering excellent rain protection but lacking durability in high sun exposure. Though they come in at a lower price point, polyester's longevity and reliability make it the top choice.


When choosing the color of your cover, it's all up to your personal preference. Most manufacturers will have various colors to choose from, and you are sure to find one that compliments your RV. 

When should I use RV tire covers? 

You should use your tire cover whenever your RV is not in use for an extended amount of time. Leaving your tires uncovered for a few days will not cause damage, but the more you cover your tires, the longer they will last.

Do tire covers take up a lot of space? 

Traveling or living in an RV means that every place of space needs to be accounted for and maximized. Self-made covers can be challenged to store when they are bulky and odd-shaped. Made from a lightweight fabric that easily folds up and can fit into a small bag, our RV Tire covers can fit in small discrete spaces.


Tire covers serve as the first line of defense for protecting your RV tires. It’s a simple thing that you can do but can reap big rewards in the future by allowing your tires to remain in good working order for many years to come.

It’s a cheap solution but it’s one of the easiest actions that you can take to safeguard against tire damage.

If you intend on maintaining a safe vehicle to take you and your family on fun camping trips, then you cannot forget to include RV tire covers in your repertoire of preventive maintenance items.

At a minimum, you will want to protect the tires because they provide the base on which your RV travels. You always want your tires to be in good condition so that you and your family can enjoy many safe years of camping fun.

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