How to choose an RV

How to choose an RV

How to choose an RV



How to choose an RV?

How do I choose an RV? The first every person ask when the want to buy an RV. Each person have different necessities so we are here to guide you through some questions to ask yourself before buying an RV.

How Do I Choose An RV?

First, let’s say something, There are different types of RVs
Motorhomes: class A, B and C
Towables: Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Tear Drop Campers, Pop-Up Campers, and Expandable Campers.

To say you have options to choose from is an understatement. But how do you know which RV is right for you?

Let's discover it!



1) What Size caravan Do You Need?

The first question is the size. While price is important, we have some other things to talk first. You have to think who is going to go with you.

Things to consider...

• Are you a solo traveler?

• Do you travel with a partner, family or friends?
• Do you have kids?

Basically, you need to determine, besides you, who else is coming with you. The quantity of persons in your caravan it's very important, because you need to know, the size you need and the beds required. Plus, you need to think through the space each person will need.

You need a rig that can comfortably accommodate the people who will be using it. Doesn’t matter how good of a deal you got, if your RV doesn’t fit your space needs, you won’t feel comfortable.




2) How do you want To Use Your RV?

Now that you have your RV size in mind, the next question is, how are you going to use your future RV?

You want...

•  You want to have a camping day

• You want to travel long distances and visit many different places or cities

• You want to stay at a campground with all the amenities

Your plans for use really should be put into your up front consideration. After all, you want to enjoy your RV! For instance, if you’re going to use it a lot, you’ll want to make sure the space fits your needs since you’ll be basically living in your RV, while you travel is your second home.





3) What’s Your  Budget?

So now, it’s time to talk budget. By now, you should have a


good idea as to what size of RV you’re needing and some amenities you consider essential.

If you say “I’m a weekend traveler, I need the basics amenities.” If that is your case, then a teardrop camper may be perfect.

If you say " I need more space because I have a family of four" you may need a Travel Trailer, you need more amenities to keep your family comfortable while traveling.

Of course, the above situations are just examples. But essentially, what we’re trying to get across is that you


should start knowing the size of caravan that you need, so you understand what caravans you have to be looking for and  the price ranges.

4) Do you own the proper car to tow a caravan?

If you're considering a towable caravan or 5th wheel caravan, do you have a suitable vehicle to tow it in?

make sure your tow vehicle is well over the tow limit of your caravan weight. Meaning that if your caravan weight is 4,000lbs, we advise against using a vehicle that has 5,000lbs tow capability.

Why? 4,000lbs is your dry weight meaning with nothing inside your caravan, your caravan weight is 4,000lbs. Once you have your gear, food, clothes, clean water, passengers, etc., that number increases! So a 5,000lb towing vehicle can be dangerous, rough, and slow. You’ll feel every bump and breeze the road throws at you, and may have a terrible time getting up and down steep roads.

If you don’t have a proper tow vehicle, you’ll need to add “buying a new truck or SVU” into your budget. Also, depending on if you need to buy a towing vehicle, maybe it could be better option to consider buying a motorhome.
Make counts and get the best option.


5) Do You Have a Place to Store Your RV?

Another thing you need to think through when thinking about how to choose an RV is where will you put it when you’re not using it? If you have space at your home, GREAT. If not, what’s your plan?

Do you have a place to store your future RV? The bigger RV you buy, the more room/land you’ll need for storage. The smaller RV, the more storage options you’ll have.


6) Test It Out! Rent an RV or Travel Trailer Through Caravanek.con

If you’re still wondering “how do I choose an RV” or are torn between options, TRY THEM OUT!

Renting a caravan allows you to realize which caravan is the perfect for you and do the right choise.


We hope this sort guide helps you to get the best option.
It could look so difficult to choose the right one but once you have clear what are your necessities and the amenities you need, it will be easier to choose the perfect RV for you!




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