How to level an RV correctly

How to level an RV correctly

How to level an RV correctly

How to level an RV correctly

One of the biggest draws of RVs is they allow you to travel and camp almost anywhere, whether it be on a campground or out in the wilderness, bringing the convenience of amenities along with you. Because you can go anywhere, though, you may find yourself set up on less than even ground. When that situation arises, it's essential to know how to level an RV. 


Why is important to level your RV
You may feel tempted to not bother with leveling your RV, but it's essential to get the most use out of your motorhome or travel trailer. Even the simplest of activities can become a hassle with an uneven RV, and items are likely to slip off counters or tables (not pleasant to deal with when you want to sit down and eat, either). Sleep can likely be difficult, too, if you regularly need to adjust for the RV's angle. 

Aside from the comfort factor, you can also have some appliance difficulties with an uneven RV. In particular, refrigerators have an absorption factor that can't run uphill, and they can stall out when sitting at an angle—especially older models. If you don't want your food to spoil (and you don't want the risk of an expensive repair bill), you'll need to level your RV. 

Additionally, an uneven RV can throw off your water tank sensors. Since you likely want to have an accurate idea of how much water you have at your disposal. So keeping your RV level is helpful. 

How to Level an RV 


the concept for leveling both motorhomes and travel trailers is roughly the same, but there are some differences since a motorhome is one cohesive unit on its own, while a travel trailer you may disconnect it from your vehicle as you level it. Either way, you'll need to have a bubble level and blocks to prop up your wheels. Overall, you’ll see the differences between them. 

With that out of the way, let's get into the details of how to level an RV!

Leveling a Motorhome (Class B or C RV) 


Once you've settled into your parking location, make sure to park the front wheels on the lower end of the incline, you need to check how leveled-out your RV is. Use a bubble level, place it on the floor, or the table in the home section, preferably close to the center for a more accurate measurement. 

With a motorhome, you want to measure both the level left to right and front to back at once. In some cases, you may be able to set your RV to level by only lifting one corner onto blocks. Once you've determined how much off balance you are, you can work on setting up your blocks and then driving your RV up onto them before rechecking the balance. 

Some guidelines to where to add blocks: 

If you're only off on front to back balance, you'll need to raise both ends on the front or back (preferably the former) 

If you're only off on the left to right balance, you will need to raise both right-side or left-side wheels, whichever is lower 

If you're off on both front-back and left-right balance, you may be able to adjust the wheel that is low on both measurements

Leveling a Travel Trailer (Towable RVs) 


While you can usually handle measuring a motorhome's levelness in one fell swoop, towable RVs tend to require that you take the process in stages. You'll still measure in the same way as mentioned above, but you'll start by checking out your left-right balance before needing to make adjustments. 

If you need to adjust left-right, you have to set up your blocks. Generally, it's easier to pull the travel trailer forward and onto the blocks, but don't be afraid to back up onto them if that's easier at your angle. Once you've confirmed that you're okay left to right, set up your wheel chocks on both sides of your tire. You must do this before unhitching your RV; otherwise, it'll likely roll away. 

With your travel trailer secured in place, you can then take the front-back level measurements.
Once that's done, you're free to lower your stabilizers, checking that they have even pressure. After this point, you can set up the rest of your campsite! 

Using the Auto Leveling System 


If your RV has an auto-leveling system, then you don't need to worry about as many factors of leveling an RV, as the system will do it for you. Generally, once you park, you can press the auto-leveling button, and everything will adjust as necessary. 
If you don’t want to stress about appropriately leveling your RV on its own, consider looking for this feature before buying or renting an RV. 

Do you have any question about how to level an RV? Let us help you! 

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