Types of towable RVs

Types of towable RVs

Types of towable RVs



Are you new to the RV lifestyle?

 Not sure what the difference is between a fifth wheel RV and a conventional RV?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of resources to help you start your RV adventure. In this article, we will discuss the different types of towable RVs that are available and some of the benefits of each one.

Different Types of towableRVs:

• Fifth Wheel
• Travel Trailer
• Toy Hauler
• Pop Up Trailer
• Teardrop Trailer







Fifth Wheel trailer

The largest type of towable RV, fifth wheel RVs,
They are pulled by large pick-up trucks with a special fifth wheel hitch located in the bed of the truck. Because of this hitch, they have a raised forward section where you’ll typically find a bedroom or living room. Fifth wheels are some of the most spacious RVs available thanks to their extended length and slideouts. Some floorplans have up to six slideouts! Because they are so large, they also provide lots of storage space ,This makes them a great option for large families or those who want to camp with big groups. Many fifth wheel RVers will park their RV at a campground and detach the towing vehicle for daily travel. As with any towable RV, it’s critical that the towing vehicle is rated to handle the weight of the RV plus its contents.
Length: 6.4 - 12.1 m
Sleeps: 2 - 8










Toy hauler trailer

Toy haulers are a great RV for active adventurers. They feature a garage space in the RV, allowing a large storage space for bringing along outdoor sports equipment and gear. From kayaks, fishing gear, and more, the toy hauler makes it possible for campers to have all their favorite toys wherever they are.
The back of the trailer folds down as a ramp to easily load and unload the equipment. If the garage space is not being used for storage, it can be used for a variety of different things. Many have fold-down tables and chairs for a dining space or couches to lounge and even beds for extra sleeping space.
The combination of comfortable living space and a garage make these the perfect basecamp for active RVers.
Length: 9.1 - 12.1 m
Sleeps: 2 - 6









Travel Trailer

Travel trailers come in several different floorplans and budgets to fit every camper's lifestyle. Depending on the size of the travel trailer, smaller trucks and SUVs  could tow it. 

The larger travel trailers even have bunkhouse models. They are a great choice for camping families or couples because there is such a wide range of options to choose from.
Travel trailers are easy to hitch up and unattached from the towing vehicle, which makes exploring a lot easier once the RV is set up at the campsite. They are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and living space and many models provide a private bedroom.
Length: 6 - 10.6 m
Sleeps: 4 - 10












Pop up camper

A pop-up camper can easily collapse to be easily towed and stored, taking up little space in a garage or large shed. They are lightweight campers and the affordable price makes it a popular choice for beginners in the RV lifestyle. The pop-up camper has mesh or fabric walls and pull out bunks. They are also known as fold-out campers or tent trailers.
Because they are lightweight and small campers, there will be limited storage space. The interior features a small cooking area or small kitchen and there may be a toilet, although many models do not come with a shower.
Length: 4.5 - 7 m
Sleeps: 4 - 8






Teardrop trailer

Teardrop trailers are a small towable RV. They get their name by the very distinct “teardrop” shape to them. Teardrop trailers are ideal for campers who prefer shorter camping trips and don’t need all the equipment, just the basic amenities. They are small so they can fit at any campsite and are easy to tow and maneuver.
Some models do offer small wet bathsthough not the norm. Some of the larger models do feature a small kitchen. They are popular because they are easy to store, tow, low cost, versatile and a lot of people like the unique style of them.
Length: 3.9 - 6 m
Sleeps: 2 - 3


Deciding on what type of RV to rent or buy  is a lot easier when you understand the different types of RVs, what the different RVs features, and the type of camping style are the best.
Knowing the main differences between them will help you choose the right RV for your family.


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