What is an RV outdoor kitchen?

What is an RV outdoor kitchen?

What is an RV outdoor kitchen?

What is an RV outdoor kitchen?

Before you rent or buy your next RV, you’ll want to consider whether an RV outdoor kitchen is right for you. 

RV outdoor kitchens come in many different sizes. Some only have a stovetop; others have a large refrigerator, tv, and more. The purpose of an RV outdoor kitchen is to give the space to cook outdoors. 

Many people don’t like cooking inside their RVs because it smells up the whole rig, and when using the stove and oven, it can get quite hot inside. Outdoor kitchens provide another cooking space with much better airflow.

What RVs Come with Outdoor Kitchens? 

Many RVs come with outdoor kitchens. All have models that come equipped with outdoor kitchens. The floor plan and size of the RV will affect how big or small the outdoor kitchen will be.

If you want a full-size RV outdoor kitchen with a large refrigerator, stovetop, storage space, sink, and more, then you’ll have to look for longer rigs that can accommodate such a space. But if you’re content with just a small refrigerator and maybe a stovetop, you’ll have more options. 

Is an RV Outdoor Kitchen Worth It? 

This is totally dependent on your travel lifestyle. If you often cook outdoors, an RV outdoor kitchen is absolutely worth it. If your family tends to eat out and try local foods, an RV outdoor kitchen may not be for you.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons to help you decide.


Advantages of outdoor kitchen on an RV

Cooking flexibility 

An outdoor RV kitchen provides an additional place to cook food, which can come in handy, or if you are cooking something with a distinct smell, or don’t want to heat up the inside of your RV. You can even cook outside while things are being prepared inside the RV. 

Convenient outdoor living 

Especially if you prefer to eat outside while you are camping, the outdoor RV kitchen makes it so you can avoid having to go in and out of the camper to heat up food or fill up your water glass. No more letting cool air out or letting bugs in every time you need another drink.


More ways to cook

Some outdoor kitchens come with a swing-around grill, so you can prepare your favorite grilling recipes without having to pack, unpack and assemble your grill. An outdoor kitchen will give you the chance to to quickly grill up some hamburgers in the open air.

Enjoy the outdoors view

An outdoor kitchen means you can cook outside, enjoying the outdoorsy side of camping. Cooking outside gives you more of the natural experience most people want when camping 

Keep your RV cool on hot days

Cooking inside an RV can heat the space rather quickly; This may not matter on cooler days, but on hotter days, you don’t want to heat your RV and make your air conditioner work overtime. An RV outdoor kitchen allows you to cook outside, keeping the camper cool.

Minimize the food smell inside

Cooking outside reduces the food odor inside your RV. Although eggs smell amazing for breakfast, you don’t want to be smelling it all day long. 

It has everything you need for cooking and cleaning up 

If you have a larger RV outdoor kitchen, it’ll have everything you need. You won’t have to run in the RV to grab cooking utensils, water, pots, etc. You might have enough storage space to leave things like spatulas, napkins, cooking spray, and even extra pots or pans in the outdoor kitchen space. When you also have a sink, you can easily wash dishes, too.


Disadvantages of outdoor kitchen on an RV


Less RV storage space 

Oftentimes, the space utilized for the outdoor kitchen would be dedicated to RV storage, which means by choosing an outdoor kitchen, you’re losing potential storage space in the exterior of the RV.

Additional weight 

Especially if trailer weight is a big concern for you, the outdoor RV kitchen might not be the right fit. Depending on your towing vehicle, it might make sense to opt out of the outdoor RV kitchen if you’re trying to maintain more lightweight options.

More Plumbing and Parts to repair 

When you have an RV outdoor kitchen, this means you have additional plumbing and parts to operate the refrigerator, sink, and stovetop. It’s just another thing that can break. You have to maintain and repair parts to this outdoor space also.



Do You Want an RV Outdoor Kitchen?

Depending on your lifestyle and cooking habits, you may decide if an RV outdoor kitchen is on your list. Or you may decide if you prefer an extra storage space.

While someone may find that the outdoor kitchen is an essential part of the RV, others might not use it. Regardless of what you decide, Caravanek has the largest selection of different RVs in the country, which means you’ll find whatever you’re looking for in an RV. 

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